Training and Development

Graduate direct offers a varied training and development services ranging for services for International students and UK/EU Students to Educational Institution. Graduate Direct provides the following training:

  • Preparatory classes for English Testing Services like IELTS, TOEFL and Pearson etc.
  • For mature and International Students an Effective Learning Skills programme, which is designed to simulate independent learning in the western education system in terms of both the process and outcomes of the learning. The aim of the programme is to develop critical learning skills in academic reading, writing and referencing.
  • For Establishments:
    • A course on compliance
    • Inspection Preparation and Follow up
    • Effective learning skills facilities to Educational institutions.
  • Corporate Training: Graduate Direct offers following course for the corporate sectors and the courses are available both face to face and online:
    • International Strategy
    • International Human Resource Management
    • International Finance for non Accountants
    • International Marketing
    • International Information System
  • Our Courses feature:
    • Speakers with relevant experience
    • Comprehensive course material
    • Interactive Sessions.
    • Case studies where appropriate