University Services

We help organisations, governments and corporations across the globe to organise their training requirements, academic courses, maximise recruitment potential and developing marketing strategies and plans. We provide full consultancy and management services for all your training and development needs. We have wealth of experience in broad corporate sector and vast knowledge based on our global presence.Graduate Direct has been in the industry for the past one decade and has shown an exceptional growth in the UK and EU student recruitment. It is already a recruitment choice for major Universities for their different products.Graduate Direct can help you with the following;

  • Product Development as per the market need
  • Maximise Recruitment Potential
  • Develop Marketing Strategy and Plan that achieve the targets

Few of the benefits of working with us are;

  • Easily develop worldwide partnerships
  • Increase student enrolments
  • Expand and diversify requirement reach
  • Improve student quality
  • Broaden and diversify product portfolio of different study options
  • Grow sales and diversify customer budget
  • Strengthen existing business relationships
  • Promote brand with the international education marketplaces
  • Attend productive and effective workshops
  • Keep up with market trends
  • Access resources and professional training


The Admissions Service is responsible for the management of admissions policy and procedures for Local, EU and international students who are keen to apply undergraduate courses, postgraduate courses, and alternative routes and programmes (for example visiting students, ERASMUS, Continuing Professional Development).We deliver a range of admissions activities aimed at supporting both institutes and applicants.Our key responsibilities include:

  • Developing and managing the related University’s Student Admissions Policy and Procedures
  • Providing advice and support for enquirers and applicants
  • Providing advice and support to universities (including guidance on comparing overseas qualification credit value, arranging virtual admission assessment interviews with the candidate and offer management)
  • Initial application assessment
  • Processing applications (including developing candidate right qualification portfolios)
  • Developing and providing admissions management information
  • Working in partnership to develop and manage effective systems for admissions
  • Providing effective training for staff involved in admissions activities

National admissions developments and statistical data analysis

Graduate Direct offers a truly comprehensive range of educational, employment, business and institute governance to educational institutes in UK and abroad.

We offer consultancy service in the following areas:

  • Strengthening Profitability: In essence the key to a successful educational institution is harnessing good teaching and pastoral care with good and sound business principals. We believe that quality is the threshold to profitability. We can advise on:
    • Managing Educational Institutions as effective, efficient and economic business activities.
    • Developing the business
    • Effective Cost Control
    • Increasing Profitability
  • Strategic Development: All educational institutions require a strategy for going forward and development. We can advise on a range of developmental issues including the following:
    • Designing and implementing the Business Plan
    • Opening a new educational institution in UK and abroad.
    • Acquisition and Merger of Educational Institutions
  • Staff Recruitment and Retention: Central to success of any educational institution is the recruitment of right staff and then ensuring that they are appropriately remunerated and motivated. We can advise on:
    • Drafting job advertisement
    • Effective Interview Strategies
    • Appointment of senior staff
    • Staff development strategies
    • Creating a “success ethos”
  • Regulation Compliance: Operating an educational institution requires a good understanding of, and adherence to, a range of regulatory requirements with non compliance likely to result in serious consequences for the educational establishment in question. We have the required expertise to advise on the following:
    • The criteria laid down by QAA, ISI to manage a HE Institute
    • Course designation with Business Innovations and skills department
    • Due Diligence with skills funding agency
    • Tier 4 compliance with international students with UK Visas and Immigration
    • Managing quality standards like ISO and Investor in People
    • Ensuring compliance with regulation and best practice
    • Preparing institutions for inspections and follow up procedures
    • Conducting health and safety audits and risk assessments
  • Online College: Graduate Direct has year of experience with some premier institution in creating the online portfolio for them. In essence Graduate Direct can provide the following services:
    • Development of Learning Management System
    • E Content Development
    • Curriculum Design and Teaching Methodology
    • Student Acquisition
    • Full turnkey project management

Successful promotion of an institute is essential for its long term future. One can have a quality institution but if no one knows about it you will probably not fulfil its full potential. We can advise on range of marketing/promotional matters including:

  • Communications and marketing advise
  • Media relation delivery
  • Website design
  • Ongoing provision of website content
  • Corporate image and branding
  • Digital marketing strategy and implementation
  • Developing student recruitment agent network

Graduate direct offers a varied training and development services ranging for services for International students and UK/EU Students to Educational Institution. Graduate Direct provides the following training:

  • Preparatory classes for English Testing Services like IELTS, TOEFL and Pearson etc.
  • For mature and International Students an Effective Learning Skills programme, which is designed to simulate independent learning in the western education system in terms of both the process and outcomes of the learning. The aim of the programme is to develop critical learning skills in academic reading, writing and referencing.
  • For Establishments:
    • A course on compliance
    • Inspection Preparation and Follow up
    • Effective learning skills facilities to Educational institutions.
  • Corporate Training: Graduate Direct offers following course for the corporate sectors and the courses are available both face to face and online:
    • International Strategy
    • International Human Resource Management
    • International Finance for non Accountants
    • International Marketing
    • International Information System
  • Our Courses feature:
    • Speakers with relevant experience
    • Comprehensive course material
    • Interactive Sessions.
    • Case studies where appropriate